a small note to hamilton dweebs. wanna try that again?

Oh god, the stupid strikes again. So on a wim I dial up the ODSP IVR, the thing that tells me how much money I’m getting, or not getting, depending on your side of the fence, and get simarily told your file’s currently on hold. after the appropriate amount of WTF happens, I ping my … Read more

a look back. the fuck have I been up to, in a nutshell.

So, while reviewing this blogs archives for the past just over a year it’s time I come up with one of these. I refer you to the disclaimer of content above to cover my ass as somethings in review here people might not like but to damn bad. For lack of the fact that I’m … Read more

random thoughts and feelings

This entry isn’t a normal happy entry. it’s mostly gonna be rambling and has no order to it what so ever. Some parts may not even make sense but I just needed to write my feelings. If you don’t like, stop reading, right the fuck now. So I went downtown today to do monthly banking, … Read more

a quick post

Hello faithful readers. As a lot of you know the past month has been spent planning and putting into motion the necessary stuff to bring amber up here. Well, as of this past sunday, she arrived safe and sound at 5:01AM EDT. The only complication was a jam up at the boarder when boarder control … Read more