a look back. the fuck have I been up to, in a nutshell.

So, while reviewing this blogs archives for the past just over a year it’s time I come up with one of these.
I refer you to the disclaimer of content above to cover my ass as somethings in review here people might not like but to damn bad.
For lack of the fact that I’m in a mood, have it, in list format in reverse chronological order.

  • July 2009
  • after breaking up with amber, I begin dating kerri, who has been refered to in multiple posts here on this blog.
    I get heavily involved with arik, her child.

  • September 2009
  • The relationship is still going strong, we’re in the middle of court central dealing with the fact that I’m supposedly blind, being a safety risk to children, yada yada.
    I also attend my first concert. Marralyn manson. Fun times.

  • November 2009
  • Kerri and i end up breaking up for a number of reasons we won’t go into.

  • January 2010
  • I end up moving out of the queen street apartments into another building in a better area of town.

  • April 2010
  • I end up starting to date chelsea, and we hammer out the meriad of paperwork required to get me across the boarder.
    I aquire my passport and the ticket to go see her.

  • May 2010
  • I go and spend a month in new york, meeting chelsea, and lauren, among others, and a grand time is had by all.
    During this visit chelsea indicates she’s not ready for a long term relationship. so their that goes.

  • June 2010
  • I return from the states to find the apartment I’m living in a mess, things not where they should be, etc. etc. etc.
    At that point I’d already been looking into moving, but that, things being out of place and nobody taking ownership for the apartments state of mess, shoved that move ahead by alot.

  • July 2010
  • I end up being hospitalized for what I thought, was a mild knee injury, but turned out not to be as mild as initially thought.
    This month also brought me into contact with krista, who has been previously mentioned here as well, and our talking and interactions brought us to dating.

  • September 2010
  • a ticket is booked to go see krista in november.

  • October 2010
  • Issues at my current residence at the time started heating up and plans were slowly coming together for a major move after my return from the states to live with now my current roommate

  • November 2010
  • My 2nd trip to the states, and first meeting with krista.
    See entries from that month for complete details.

  • December 2010
  • My move from hamilton to petawawa rounds out the just over a year of interesting major events.

So, that, in a nutshell is major happenings since july 2009.
Surf the archive of this thing if your looking for something specific that I may have posted here.

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