dream host gets renamed Nightmare host.

do to things beyond my control the blog and any/all links are temporarily experiencing issues. Dream host decided to pull the plug and after some fighting with them we’ve got access to all our data and I’m working on restoring all files and subdomains to the canadian server. All posts, categories, pages, plugins, etc. associated … Read more

guide dogs disallowed in restaurant. that's legal? no, it's not. sorry about your luck.

I have this nasty habbit of browsing the news. Great idea, right?Until you come across thins like This. see my comments after the article and the further research I did into this. Disabled People With Service Dogs Turned Away From Dedham Restaurant June 27, 2011 11:56 PM Thirteen people and six service dogs were turned … Read more

in other words, teksavvy's CS still sucks.

Going through feeds today, it seems that tek savvy’s customer service still sucks teksavvy, your customer service/advocacy is awful Teksavvy is great as long as you don’t have a problem I had been having connection issues with my DSL for the past few months. My roommate who has Bell phone service, was also having issues. … Read more

I can't believe some people would be so heartless.

cruising through my news list, my blood boiled when I read this article from the state of ma. Some heartless individual stole a child’s wheelchair. comments follow the article. Boy’s wheelchair stolen from Lawrence home LAWRENCE, Mass. — A young boy bound to a wheelchair was the victim to a heartless crime in Lawrence. Now … Read more