Why is that news article choosing this evening to roll across my desk?

Well ok. My floor. Since I don’t have a desk to speak of at this current time. . You know, because give it a few days and I won’t have a place to live. But we already went over that earlier. So let’s just um, go down here, use my limited web design skills, and … Read more

a note to the stupid, research before you wine.

So yesterday everyone and their mother was wining about facebook shutting down but sadly, it’s not so please do be shutting your mouth and do your research before you wine. More proof that the claim was false can be found right over here so in short, please get your facts straight before believing things like … Read more

is your personally identifiable inforrmation on facebook, really secure?

so as I do on a regular bases i keep up with interesting newsbits, and techy things, as well as blogs, via rss. I ran across this story witch raises a lot of questions about facebook’s apparent lack of security when it comes to third party applications. The article tells us that some applications, are … Read more