their's something to be gleaned from this post.

You learn interesting things from blogs. wesput an entry out on histwitterthat pointed tothis entry about anal sexand being a curious individual, I headed back to the blog’shome pageand was scrolling through entries, and ran acrossthis entry about infidelityand was impressed about what I read. I’m going to quote the entry in it’s entirety because … Read more

I wouldn't be putting this out here if we didn't need the help.

Anyone in MA, any floorspace? We’ll take it, this is my last ditch effort to save the rest of the trip and try to save myself from being tossed out on the street. Anyone who wants to help, you have our direct contact methods, if you don’t, you can get them. Anything’s better than a … Read more

follow up to: cab driver fails to pick up blind guy. seriously?

as posted yesterday a cab driver was under investigation. The results? He only lost a days wages and keeps his job. The article follows, in it’s entirety with my comments following. A Capital Taxi driver has been disciplined for refusing service to a blind man Tuesday evening. “He’s already had his disciplinary action – he’s … Read more

attempting to ram religion down blind peoples throats isn't how you sell a product.

so as a long time tech geek, I have this bad habbit of keeping up with firmware upgrades for the various blind products, pacmate braillenote family of products and the braille sense family of products once distributed by GWMicro now sold and distributed by their manufacturer hims INC. It’s come to my attention that the … Read more

the US after action report, and other musings.

Yeah, I’m lazy. Deal with it. I’ve been back on this side of the boarder, for what, almost a month. in list format, because I’m just to goddamn lazy, and expanding thoughts undercafinated is not how I roll, oh, and because I can. I returned from the states march 3, 2011.< relatively in tact, sanity ... Read more

hey, united states? canada's kickin' your ass, again!

Once again, we here in canada proove we have a better handle on this digital thing than the united states. We took the year by storm with 18% growth over the united states impressive 1%. Oh, wait, it gets better. In 2009, our digital growth was 38%, and the united states was… what’s that? only … Read more

And people wonder why I don't fly?

and here, we go again. TSA, seriously agaain The 50-year-old pilot, who lives outside Sacramento, asked that neither he nor his airline be identified. He has worked for the airline for more than a decade and was deputized by the TSA to carry a gun in the cockpit. He is also a helicopter test pilot … Read more