your thursday shall start, with a clue.

For those who still haven’t realized how this works, let me clue you in on a little something, and I’ll do you a favor and do it in list format.

  • I am dating Krista. and sorry, I don’t share.
  • She is not abusing me. unlike some others I could name.
  • She is not taking advantage of me, or using me to get away from her parents. nor is she using me to pay her financial way in life, like someone else I could mention.
  • I’m not in this relationship for sex, even if certain backwater scumbags think that’s all I think about/want in life/from a relationship.
  • I’m not using
    and his credit card to get what I want in life. Nor am I using him to finance my upcoming trip to the states. This is paid for by me, nobody else. All james credit card did was hold the ticket, I paid for it out of pocket. once again, thanks for playing.

So in short, please, get you an education, get your facts straight and jump off the highist cliff available to you, and don’t take a parrashute with you either.
thanks for playing, next, please?

1 thought on “your thursday shall start, with a clue.”

  1. Yo, scumbags. Leave us the fuck alone. I’d be a bit more apt to go into detail, but I have a life, and have to go somewhere in under half an hour. It would appear, however, that you do not have a life with the exception of trying to make other people look bad. Kindly, roast in hell.


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