what, that extra-large wasn't big enough?

so yesterday, tim hortons said they were changing their cup sizes and removing the small completely. It’s being tested in a couple of test markits for a month to see the reaction. All I’m gonna say is. welcome to 24 oz extra large, kids. Here’s the entire article. Tim Hortons super-sizes its coffee; medium becomes … Read more

That's exactly how you promote accessibility and uphold the law in hamilton. really, it is.

Thanks to a contact on MSN, we have tonight’s stupidity. this time it come’s from hamilton, and it’s HSR’s apparent lack of hiring compitent drivers My comments follow the article. Mo ther, worker want HSR to apologize to boy in wheelchair Peach Festival transit pitfalls Dan Provan, 7, with respite workers John Moning, left, Coleen … Read more

Hicks and computers do not mix. I am living proof.

My brain officially aches. I have had the…what, almost 2 weeks? From hell. Naturally, this computer was the cause of it. I woke up on the morning of the 5th to one hell of a mess. I restarted the machine, got tossed into a never-ending boot loop. I swore in all kinds of pretty and … Read more

mommy's are made of win, especially when they pay for late trips to mcdonalds.

Hey all; Another random audio type thing. This time James comes with me. I got a random deposit so we went to mcdonalds for a midnight snack. go grab this thing note the driver wasn’t made of win. He failed, spactacularly. http://media.blubrry.com/stickbearsjamboree/randomaudio.shaned.net/tripToMcdonalds08112011.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Android | … Read more