Read between the lines.

I wonder how this local community college treats its students? Come January, methinks we’re gonna find out. 4.5 hours, 2 screams, a walk in the rain and a caffeinated beverage later, I’m still seeing red. And yes I did actually go outside for a couple of screams. I think I need about 8 more by … Read more

I wouldn't be putting this out here if we didn't need the help.

Anyone in MA, any floorspace? We’ll take it, this is my last ditch effort to save the rest of the trip and try to save myself from being tossed out on the street. Anyone who wants to help, you have our direct contact methods, if you don’t, you can get them. Anything’s better than a … Read more

That's… precisely how you do your job. Except for, like, how it ain't?

Yarfing all over the blog again to prevent me using something as a projectile that I shouldn’t. Screen readers, wanna skip it? H to jump to the next heading is your happyfriend, sighties, use those mice like they were intended. I have officially hit the point where “I can’t fucking take it any fucking more,” … Read more

Where were you?

So as you may or may not be aware, in the event you’re living under a rock, Shane showed up here on Thursday. Not even an hour after he showed up, came a knock on the door. It was the building director, reminding me of the guest policies and threatening me with academic sanctions, and … Read more

This is one of those weeks I wish I had an alcohol tolerance.

Below are various notes to the stupid, in no particular order because Window-Eyes and WordPress just had an argument and I had to intervene and force them to fight nicely. 1. If I tell you something 2 weeks before I do something with which you may or may not have an issue, and then sit … Read more

Hicks and computers do not mix. I am living proof.

My brain officially aches. I have had the…what, almost 2 weeks? From hell. Naturally, this computer was the cause of it. I woke up on the morning of the 5th to one hell of a mess. I restarted the machine, got tossed into a never-ending boot loop. I swore in all kinds of pretty and … Read more

FSU: (fmeeping) stupid university? Yes, actually, it is, thank you for asking.

The last 4 days have been nothing but a fuck shit stack, with one quick break yesterday that lasted oh, an hour, maybe two? I’ll preface this by stating the obvious. I absolutely despise Fitchburg State University. Nope, not gonna lie. In fact if I still had this perspective legally blind freshman’s email anywhere in … Read more