another entry and no it aint a rant this time.

good morning fellow blog readers,
I’m posting this, why? because I can.
not a lot to get to this entry, so let’s get to it.
First things first.
myself and kerri are going to toronto today to put ourselves on the housing list their, why? because we’re both sick and tired of the hamilton drama, the problems it’s causing us, etc. etc.
Emily did warn me when I moved here, but me, as usual, didn’t listen to advice.
The other thing is josh, (the baby daddy to kerri’s child), fucking called here and because I answered the phone, shits supposedly going to go down.
He told kerri this, that next time I answered the phone, shit was giong to go down?
*laughs insanely*!
Hey you wheelchair bound think with your dick moron, at 1AM in the morning, I will not wake kerri for you or anyone else, except her immediate family, and only then, if it’s an emergency.
You talk shit, but you don’t realize that your just a puny disabled moron that wants a piece of ass and doesn’t use the head attached to your shoulders.
The head he thinkswith is between his legs. and from what kerri’s told me, that head’s nothing to write home about either.
ok, that’s it for now.
I’ll write more when I get back from toronto.

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