everything explodes, and doesn't take customers with it. and other unrelated things.

I no how to blog? apparently, I do. If your smart, you’ll have noticed that thing that your reading and some of it’s associated services, hey zoe? you actually no how to update? miracles! Wait, I can’t actually talk because I’ve been lazy about updating this thing, more on the how and why in list … Read more

Hicks and computers do not mix. I am living proof.

My brain officially aches. I have had the…what, almost 2 weeks? From hell. Naturally, this computer was the cause of it. I woke up on the morning of the 5th to one hell of a mess. I restarted the machine, got tossed into a never-ending boot loop. I swore in all kinds of pretty and … Read more

a note to freedom scientific, primus, and windows mobile.

Since I’m lazy, have the following small notes to three companies, crammed into one post, and in list format. Freedom scientific it’s good practice not to break your access to windows mobile applications right after an upgrade. Windows mobile: When your told to send mail on an alternate port, actually doing it, without throwing 7 … Read more

I've been victimized by the devel, cpanel!

I used to have this mild dislike for Cpanel that is supposedly the leading control panel, or so it’s website says. After tonight, that mild dislike has turned into utter hatred. as james has also posted It started out as a mild wordpress issue that I asked him to help me fix. actually it was … Read more