violation of this child's first amendment rights? yes, please. Sue the school? totally do it!

this this apalling story may be old, but it scrolled across my twitter feed for some reason and still pissed me off, so you can be pissed right along with me. Comments follow. Sign Language Ban Imposed on N.J. Girl By Bryan Robinson Jan 7, 2006, 10:13 AM School officials have threatened a hearing-impaired girl … Read more

maybe it's you that doesn't belong in public?

As a guide dog handler, (currently between dogs), I have run into my fair share of unbecoming individuals, stupid preconceptions, etc. but nothing compares to the this women who sprayed bleach in a guidedogs eyes This article states. Lawler told police she “thought it was a vicious animal” and feared it would be a danger … Read more

in response to an article I read, and a reminder to the TTC.

I was scrolling twitter, and ran across Blog shames TTC riders who take up extra seats so I scrolled on over to this blog and while I agree with the centament, and the frustration, I don’t agree with some of the language being utalized. But since I can’t figure out the submission form, I’m just … Read more

unimpressed, that's the nicest way this can be put

Please note, this is in no way against just eat, absolutely and utterly not, they’ve been the rock in this whole fiasco and there just as in sensed as we are. Over the past nearly 2 years I’ve taken a distinct pleasure in being lazy, and just forget cooking on certain nights, and hitting up … Read more

I can't believe some people would be so heartless.

cruising through my news list, my blood boiled when I read this article from the state of ma. Some heartless individual stole a child’s wheelchair. comments follow the article. Boy’s wheelchair stolen from Lawrence home LAWRENCE, Mass. — A young boy bound to a wheelchair was the victim to a heartless crime in Lawrence. Now … Read more

my First post. Also Holy shit, the childishness, It hurts my brain.

I am not happy, hence why shane has given me the floor, so to speak, as I believe he fears my head may actually explode. Normally, my Twitter account is my happy bitch, but 140 characters was not going to do this justice. I already almost squished some poor guy on my way to get … Read more

And people wonder why I don't fly?

and here, we go again. TSA, seriously agaain The 50-year-old pilot, who lives outside Sacramento, asked that neither he nor his airline be identified. He has worked for the airline for more than a decade and was deputized by the TSA to carry a gun in the cockpit. He is also a helicopter test pilot … Read more

a small note to a list moderator.

a note to a list moderator; Please kindly stop acting like a fucking prick to me. your not god, and never will be. Teling me repeatedly that a topics off topic on a *tech* list when it’s not then banning me after the list owner specifically told you not to, is a violation of your … Read more

can I just forget about monday?

So monday started out all right. The usual amount of nothing was scheduled to happen, except a few random calls to bitchslap people around that james and I had to make, not to tarrible, right? you’d think so, until I have to ring up ODSP and hit them upside the head with knew information. This … Read more