cleveland, now a retired guide, May 19, 2012 to March 15, 2013.

Hello all my readers; Those of you that follow my facebook twitter and audioboo will know that there were problems cropping up with my beloved guidedog cleveland, and it wasn’t getting better. I tried everything short of screaming, gentle leader, strictly back to basics, etc. His focus wasn’t there, and it got to a point … Read more

I need a knew body.

Hey all; Just a quick update while lying on the couch. While out today with james Patricia, and roger, we discovered my body’s limits. My leg started acting up while in one of many stores and finally decided while in our final store tha becoming lame, and nearly causing me to have to be carried … Read more

the US after action report, and other musings.

Yeah, I’m lazy. Deal with it. I’ve been back on this side of the boarder, for what, almost a month. in list format, because I’m just to goddamn lazy, and expanding thoughts undercafinated is not how I roll, oh, and because I can. I returned from the states march 3, 2011.< relatively in tact, sanity ... Read more

I'm still alive.

So I’m still alive. According to sources their are 3 or 4 hockey games to post on, once I figurfe out witch games they are, I’ll post about them, hey james? heeeeeel! Today, I get to go out with a friend that I met on the way down here, to lunch, then maybe wall mart, … Read more