the aftermath of toronto, more hamilton drama, a knew book, and more!

good morning fellow blog readers.
we’ve got lots to cover. so let’s roll!
Let’s start with toronto.
Things went OK, kerri and I picked up the paperwork that we needed to pick up and spent the rest of the day bumming around with emily.
We ended up meeting up with earle and rose, and met their child, Genevra, in the process.
So that’s toronto, the long and short.
hamilton Drama… let’s see. The thing of note this time around is one josh remellzwaal (remmalzwall for jaws, for the sake of this entry we’ll call him ding bat.) anyhow, he starts running his mouth, oh CAS has a problem with me, I’ll be going down, how they looked up my previous information from brantford, oh god it goes on.
Anyhow, We end up reaching the worker he mentions, and sadly, oh my god, CAS has nothing against me, she *has* never spoken with josh, never will speak with josh, and their was never a conference. yada yada fucking yada. The short, josh, lying, again! Am I surprised? not really, it’s something I’ve come to expect from the little crippled mentally in need of a psychic evaluation specimen of a human. He’ll lie to get his own way, but what this little dimwitted moron fails to realize is that, this crap will come back to bite him in the ass, and then he’ll continue to lose, until someone finally knocks his lights out, or runs him over, whatever happens first. Either or, I don’t care which, as long as he’s taken out of this world.
Ok, finally, oh yes, this is good!
Kerri was served papers today, I won’t go into details, because it aint my story to tell, but needless to say, their are a few things I’d like to say, and please, feel free to comment.
In these papers, Mrs. Barb jenkins, (hereafter refered to as idiot for my own retribution), states to the effect of, Kerri’s current boyfriend is blind, meaning he cannot look after arik, and arik is at risk being around him. She says something similar about Kerri’s father in the same set of documentation.
She also says in that documentation that she’s not discriminating?
Excuse me you stupid idiot, but you are, so get ready to die. Oh idiot who thinks she knows all, what facts do you have that state that, I, (or any other blind/visually impaired individual) cannot look after a child, or that blind persons around children are putting the child(s) in danger?
She also mentions that kerri’s father being visually impaired requires special assistants so makes it impossible for him to participate effectively in the raising/care of arik?
Yet again, I raise the question, on what fact do you base your accusations ms. I have all these high priced lawyers?
Please, if I’m missing something here, highly unlikely, someone, correct me!
Their’s a lot more that I’m not at liberty to disclose right now, but if I do get permission, you can bet I’ll be back with more of this interesting paperwork.
Oh wait, their r a few more things, how the hell, if the child was born on november 3, 2007, could he have been placed in kinship care on September 15, 2007?
Time travel anyone?
yeah, according to the *hand written* letter attached to the papers, that was the date listed for kinship care.
Oh, wait, and the child was born on november 11, 2007? no, birth cirtificate states the 3rd of november, not the 11th.
Does anyone see the buildup of mistakes in this set of paperwork?
Let’s see, what else is wrong with this set of documentation.
Oh yes, supposedly Josh signed his rights over to his mother? Um, no, wrong!
firstly, the letter you enclosed with said papers was never signed by a court judge/justice of the piece, so it’s invalid on that part, and second, you don’t sign your parental rights over to anyone you just sign them away, so again, you lose!
and their’s also something in their, about asking the court for an order to trap kerri here in hamilton?
I’m sorry, but legally, you *cannot* do that. you can prevent her from leaving the country, but if she chooses to leave hamilton, that’s her right as a citizen, and that, again, is a violation of her rights.
Am I the only one seing the buildup for a case dismissal here?
With that out of the way, let’s talk about this knew book.
While in toronto a book title, wake, was mentioned.
I liked what I was hering about it, so I went after the book.
I now have the book, and once I’ve read it, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts.
Ok, that’s it for now.
the comment boards await you!
piece ya’ll.

2 thoughts on “the aftermath of toronto, more hamilton drama, a knew book, and more!”

  1. Hey. Don’t know what to say other than if you or Kerri ever need an ear or someone who is willing to help with research, get in touch with me. Also, you can give Kerri the other msn ID I gave you. Take care, and good luck.

  2. I, with my nonverbal, autistic, highly special needs child who needs 24×7 “line of sight” supervision, find it particularly insulting that Barb is working under the assumption that a blind person can’t raise a child. Should you, for whatever reason, need anyone to come forth as an example refuting that particular claim, I’ll cheerily do so (although it may have to be by teleconference, because I can only afford so much travel). 😀


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