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Do you know how to use your Windows or Mac PC and your screenreader? Are you curious about the hardware inside of your computer? Do you want to sharpen your troubleshooting and computer maintenance skills? How about designing a website or running a Linux server? Perhaps you would like to build a computer or home … Read more

This is one of those weeks I wish I had an alcohol tolerance.

Below are various notes to the stupid, in no particular order because Window-Eyes and WordPress just had an argument and I had to intervene and force them to fight nicely. 1. If I tell you something 2 weeks before I do something with which you may or may not have an issue, and then sit … Read more

a small note to a list moderator.

a note to a list moderator; Please kindly stop acting like a fucking prick to me. your not god, and never will be. Teling me repeatedly that a topics off topic on a *tech* list when it’s not then banning me after the list owner specifically told you not to, is a violation of your … Read more

Is freedom scientific finally losing their touch?

Hello fellow blog readers It’s been awhile since I posted something of major substance to the blind community here. On this blog We have some very interesting posts to reference. I’m going to post each of them below, exactly as posted, and I’ll follow each one of them up with my comments. The first one … Read more

blindies can be daddies to, by Chris Meredith

the following is an e-mail from Chris Meredith. I include his original message and then the attached file’s contents he included. From: Chris Meredith Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 5:35 PM To: “kerri Murtland” ; Shane Davidson Subject: Letter Attached in Word 2007 format. You may wanna change the filename before you put it on … Read more

Qualcomm Hands Off Eudora to Mozilla

Good morning everyone.thisarticlefrombeta news.comentitled:Qualcomm Hands Off Eudora to Mozillais interesting.I will post the article in it’s entirety below.enjoy.Qualcomm Hands Off Eudora to Mozilla ByNate MookandScott M. Fulton, III,BetaNews October 11, 2006, 2:57 PM Qualcomm on Wednesday joined up with the Mozilla Foundation to announce it is transitioningEudorainto an open source e-mail client that will be … Read more