application review: papaya broadcaster

Among the many purchases I’ve made for my iphone is papaya broadcaster This app cost me $4.99CAD, in the US for some reason it’s $6.99USD. I didn’t make the pricing structure, so I have no freakin’ clue why the $2 difference. On an accessibility scale, all controls are accessible, and read well. It takes some … Read more

I just got my ass handed to me, and Fitchburg State University’s tech lead is pissed, at MCB.

I just got the final word. FSU’s tech lead, Sherry, told me this. We’ll let an XP system on the network. But we don’t officially support it anymore. they won’t work on, or provide support for, a system that is not 1. up to date. 2. under warranty. 3. does not have a LEGAL COPY … Read more

your saying what, now?

according to this Smoking in pregnancy is linked to birth defects such as missing or deformed limbs, facial defects and gastrointestinal problems, a risk that should be included in public health warnings, a new review suggests. Their aren’t words. Their just aren’t. What’s gonna come out next, seriously? Wait, don’t answer that. Mirrored from shane … Read more

wasn’t the sex good enough?

SO since I’ve now become euber lazy, and do that thing that is RSS by e-mail> you can expect much more content. This content this early morning, begins with a woman stuffing a penis down a garbage disposal. A Southern California woman is in custody after her estranged husband was allegedly drugged and tied to … Read more