in response to an article I read, and a reminder to the TTC.

I was scrolling twitter, and ran across Blog shames TTC riders who take up extra seats so I scrolled on over to this blog and while I agree with the centament, and the frustration, I don’t agree with some of the language being utalized. But since I can’t figure out the submission form, I’m just … Read more

you actually went along with this? You stupid, stupid moron!

Their are times when I ask myself what the hell is up with people in the world. You actually put your service dog in the back of a taxi cab? Here’s the article, then my own comments will follow. Service Dog Forced To Ride In Taxi Trunk Blind Woman Says Driver Gave Her Ultimatum Marc … Read more

FSU: (fmeeping) stupid university? Yes, actually, it is, thank you for asking.

The last 4 days have been nothing but a fuck shit stack, with one quick break yesterday that lasted oh, an hour, maybe two? I’ll preface this by stating the obvious. I absolutely despise Fitchburg State University. Nope, not gonna lie. In fact if I still had this perspective legally blind freshman’s email anywhere in … Read more

Petty Thievery, much?

Some tweets from this morning hit my radar almost 19 hours later, and I feel I need to say something publicly. Over the past few months, Christopher Toth has developed and distributed Hope, a third-party application that allows a Windows user using a screen reader to access the popular Pandora service. He charges $10 US … Read more

as if I didn't have enough problems already, we add even more to the pile! roar!

Oh yes, good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the stupid. This is exactly what I wanted to wake up to on a tuesday morning. As you all know, I’ve been out of work for some time now, and relying on the ontario disability support program to survive, while I find another job. This … Read more

It's… Cluetime! Again? Really?

I thought I was done issuing clues to the stupid today? it’s almost 5 PM as I start this. I guess clue issuance doesn’t have office hours. Having said that, I guess stupid doesn’t either. And I take it those who issue clue don’t get sickdays? I could’ve taken one today. somewhere, one of you … Read more

my First post. Also Holy shit, the childishness, It hurts my brain.

I am not happy, hence why shane has given me the floor, so to speak, as I believe he fears my head may actually explode. Normally, my Twitter account is my happy bitch, but 140 characters was not going to do this justice. I already almost squished some poor guy on my way to get … Read more


so according to vanessa, the twatwaffling hormonal sex deprived asscrack, she’s attempted to call krista multiple times, sent multiple e-mails, etc. Except that part wherein she sent nothing. Anyone wanna guess who the fuck she’s blaming this time? Yep, me, again. I’m supposedly the cause of krista never getting her voicemails or e-mails. I hate … Read more

a note to wining dream host customers, get you a clue, or 12.

so this blog, among other things, including e-mail, is now hosted on dream host and a couple nights ago, their entire network infristructure went down for scheduled maintenance, and this was posted on their status twitter. DreamHost Status: Network Maintenance: Friday, January 28th – 22:00 through Saturday, January 29th 02:00 PST at 2:49:38 PM … Read more

a small note to hamilton dweebs. wanna try that again?

Oh god, the stupid strikes again. So on a wim I dial up the ODSP IVR, the thing that tells me how much money I’m getting, or not getting, depending on your side of the fence, and get simarily told your file’s currently on hold. after the appropriate amount of WTF happens, I ping my … Read more