in response to an article I read, and a reminder to the TTC.

I was scrolling twitter, and ran across Blog shames TTC riders who take up extra seats so I scrolled on over to this blog and while I agree with the centament, and the frustration, I don’t agree with some of the language being utalized. But since I can’t figure out the submission form, I’m just … Read more

their's something to be gleaned from this post.

You learn interesting things from blogs. wesput an entry out on histwitterthat pointed tothis entry about anal sexand being a curious individual, I headed back to the blog’shome pageand was scrolling through entries, and ran acrossthis entry about infidelityand was impressed about what I read. I’m going to quote the entry in it’s entirety because … Read more

And people wonder why I don't fly?

and here, we go again. TSA, seriously agaain The 50-year-old pilot, who lives outside Sacramento, asked that neither he nor his airline be identified. He has worked for the airline for more than a decade and was deputized by the TSA to carry a gun in the cockpit. He is also a helicopter test pilot … Read more

a small note to a list moderator.

a note to a list moderator; Please kindly stop acting like a fucking prick to me. your not god, and never will be. Teling me repeatedly that a topics off topic on a *tech* list when it’s not then banning me after the list owner specifically told you not to, is a violation of your … Read more

so… I'm not the only one that had crappy ccustomer service when trying to move service with teksavvy.

so it seems that I’m not the only one that had more issues moving my teksavvy internet service then should have been needed. after reading that post, I think I can speak for james and say we’re both glad we made the decision to ditch teksavvy as our internet provider, and bell canada as our … Read more