A small vocabulary lesson and a reminder that took me nearly 3 days to write.

I just got back from an awesome dinner and a wicked good time with friends to be told by the admin team that certain *organizations* believe I’m *required* to accept their twitter follow *request*. Sidenote: Twitter? what’s that? it no longer exists on my radar. Try having to change your entire social media identity because … Read more

Where were you?

So as you may or may not be aware, in the event you’re living under a rock, Shane showed up here on Thursday. Not even an hour after he showed up, came a knock on the door. It was the building director, reminding me of the guest policies and threatening me with academic sanctions, and … Read more

Freedom Scientific Responds To: "Another Satisfied Freedom Scientific Customer, NOT!!! (Revised March 26, 2009)"

the drama continues. from: the blog of denise We have this: The following conversation occurred on February 9, 2009 via internet between 12:00PM and 1:00PM: poohbear, and the day’s bullshit mounts! can this day get any worse? Wait, don’t answer that. fredom needs their nuts chopped off with a god damnknife. Wil: Living On The … Read more