If I had a dick, and today were a person, I'd force said person to suck it.

1. Shane’s on a bus heading back to Ottawa. 2. I’m emotionally fucking wiped right out. 3. As a result of the above, I’m ready to stuff my foot up the ass of the next person who anoys me. 4. For the love of whatever may or may not be holy, please don’t let it … Read more

I wouldn't be putting this out here if we didn't need the help.

Anyone in MA, any floorspace? We’ll take it, this is my last ditch effort to save the rest of the trip and try to save myself from being tossed out on the street. Anyone who wants to help, you have our direct contact methods, if you don’t, you can get them. Anything’s better than a … Read more

A small vocabulary lesson and a reminder that took me nearly 3 days to write.

I just got back from an awesome dinner and a wicked good time with friends to be told by the admin team that certain *organizations* believe I’m *required* to accept their twitter follow *request*. Sidenote: Twitter? what’s that? it no longer exists on my radar. Try having to change your entire social media identity because … Read more

An ongoing news story catches my eye, then comes up in psych class.

Some of you may or may not be familiar with the name Jordan Brown. Well ok, I get it, it’s a common name, so you’ve probably heard it somewhere. His case came up in adolescent psych the other day while we were discussing whether a 15-year-old mother should be allowed to make major medical decisions … Read more

This day can go fornicate its metaphorical matriarchal unit.

A quicky because I’m trying to figure out what to do about the last item on the list, because apparently somebody thought I needed yet more crap to add to the disaster that my existence is currently behaving like. And no, we’re not actually making an html list out of it this evening because I’d … Read more

Why is that news article choosing this evening to roll across my desk?

Well ok. My floor. Since I don’t have a desk to speak of at this current time. . You know, because give it a few days and I won’t have a place to live. But we already went over that earlier. So let’s just um, go down here, use my limited web design skills, and … Read more

That's… precisely how you do your job. Except for, like, how it ain't?

Yarfing all over the blog again to prevent me using something as a projectile that I shouldn’t. Screen readers, wanna skip it? H to jump to the next heading is your happyfriend, sighties, use those mice like they were intended. I have officially hit the point where “I can’t fucking take it any fucking more,” … Read more