and pembroke is now under the knife.

I learned, thanks to james that pembroke taxi services, are now under a complete review of their practices and procedures. Pembroke plans to bring its bylaw governing taxis in line with the province’s Accessibility Act. Having developed customer service standards, the city will now have to contend with other standards dealing with employment, transportation, information … Read more


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and I finally get a response!

as I posted about way the hell over here back in february, the CRTC was and still is reviewing the usage based billing ruling. During that time, I had e-mailed my views via the same form that’s in the post I linked above, and finally, I have a response, form letter or not, here it … Read more

next time, buy another case.

So we add this to the stupid. Two adults, decided that using their fists instead of their brains would be how they decided who got the last beer in the case. Police in Victoria, B.C., were called to break up a fight between a man and his nephew over the last beer in a case. … Read more