general update.

Hello Everyone. I know, it’s been awhile, not to much has been going on here, I was away for a bit, visiting a friend, it was fun, anywaysm encase you didn’t know, mix beats is finally done, everyone was quitting, so I just said fuck it and shut it down. well that’s all for now. … Read more

ranting required!

Ok, technology is really starting to fucking piss me off! a friend just bought a brand new microphone about a month ago, and it’s now starting to fuck up! That’s very fucking gay! You know, i just hate that kind of shit! Leaving tommorrow. Well, it’s confirmed, I am leaving tommorrow between 5PM and 6PM … Read more

general update.

Hello Everyone! some interesting things have happened around here. We had a hell of a storm earlier, good lord, i thought I was going to die! I didn’t die, I don’t think. LOL. Site changes. My site now has a new board. We replaced the shitty PHPNuke with a much better board called phpbb. if … Read more

general update and stuff!

Hello Everyone! Yeah, I know, a long time it has been, but girlfriends sometimes get in the way, lol. Girlfriend u ask, well, read my previous entry to find out more! U know what sucked royally, we haven’t had power from last night till today at around 4 PM EDT. Internet still weird. Download speeds … Read more