a note to freedom scientific, primus, and windows mobile.

Since I’m lazy, have the following small notes to three companies, crammed into one post, and in list format. Freedom scientific it’s good practice not to break your access to windows mobile applications right after an upgrade. Windows mobile: When your told to send mail on an alternate port, actually doing it, without throwing 7 … Read more

Is freedom scientific finally losing their touch?

Hello fellow blog readers It’s been awhile since I posted something of major substance to the blind community here. On this blog We have some very interesting posts to reference. I’m going to post each of them below, exactly as posted, and I’ll follow each one of them up with my comments. The first one … Read more

Freedom scientific responds to my april 11th post and my opinion on their response and my response to them

***note*** This post is based on factual information, and also will contain my opinion on the matters listed herein ***end note*** hello my faithful readers, after: This post was posted on April 11th, 2009 I received a phone call on April 14th, 2009 from Eric Damery Vice president of blindness software products at freedom scientific … Read more

Freedom Scientific Responds To: "Another Satisfied Freedom Scientific Customer, NOT!!! (Revised March 26, 2009)"

the drama continues. from: the blog of denise We have this: The following conversation occurred on February 9, 2009 via internet between 12:00PM and 1:00PM: poohbear, and the day’s bullshit mounts! can this day get any worse? Wait, don’t answer that. fredom needs their nuts chopped off with a god damnknife. Wil: Living On The … Read more