nice going, HTC.

Yep I haven’t been around in awhile. But today’s blogging starts out with this little ppiece of information about a security leak in HTC android phones. Here’s the article in it’s entirety. and all I gotta say is smooth move, HTC. HTC Phones Suffer Major Security Exploit Latest Update Provides Easy Access to Personal Data … Read more

welcome to durable, much?

so I’ve been eyeballing these iPhone tthings since voice over now comes built into the phone. I got to play with a 3gs thanks to a friend I got to meet while in fitchburg. Who ever knew a phone could survive a 1000 foot drop from a moving airplane. Shows you apple’s durability, maybe?

a note to TMobile in the UK, this is the 21st century, not the 1990's.

I was utterly appalled to read a story while browsing the news this morning that TMobile in the UK is cutting their data plans expinentially. “T-Mobile in the UK has revealed a new fair use policy, cutting caps from 1GB and 3GB to 500MB, saying mobile browsing doesn’t include videos or large downloads. ‘If you … Read more

an open letter to wind mobile, gets sent for a second time. this time, from me, the actual customer.

I’ve previously linked to the original post that contains the letter regarding this issue in multiple other places on this blog. Take note that this post is dated october 10, 2010. As of October 29, 2010, I called wind mobile regarding their not being a response to the original letter. They provide me a ticket … Read more