a small note to hamilton dweebs. wanna try that again?

Oh god, the stupid strikes again.
So on a wim I dial up the ODSP IVR, the thing that tells me how much money I’m getting, or not getting, depending on your side of the fence, and get simarily told your file’s currently on hold.
after the appropriate amount of WTF happens, I ping my ODSP worker and go, last time I checked my file was fine, what the hell’s going on.
in list format have these appropriate amount of wtf results.
According to certain individuals I’m supposedly, ready?:

  1. Married to krista.
  2. We have a child on the way because I supposedly had unprotected sex.
  3. I moved down their perminantly and didn’t report that to ODSP.

firstly, how the hell can I be married to krista when we’re not even engaged?
Secondly, a child? seriously? how the hell’d that happen, from 400 miles away? that’d have to be one long ass dick, ok? just… omg.
Thirdly? moved down their? really? except not. Wishful thinking, but sadly, didn’t happen.
So the result of that, kathy, my worker, now has to issue appropriate amounts of clue to get this fixed, and attempt to not die while laughing.
Kathy indicates this little implosion that is the stupid should be fixed by friday at the *latest*.
I was highly amused, in a, are you fuckin’ serious? kinda way.
The lengths some people will go to.
just, jesus christ.
Please do be not trying that again. You’ll fail, again.
unrelated: CNIB? *totally* blind is just that, totally, 0, no, sight, so take your low vision assessment and shove it up your ass. it’s not needed in this apartment. thanks for trying, though.

2 thoughts on “a small note to hamilton dweebs. wanna try that again?”

  1. I just woke up. Does anyone really wish to see that side of my temper? or do we wanna wait till I take a cold shower? Kerri, I know this is you pulling this bullshit. Yes, I’m calling you out, publicly, for all to see, you lowlife scumbag. First, as said above, how the fuck are Shane and I married when we’re not even engaged? Secondly, and Shane knows this because he personally witnessed my mother handing me the medication, as I ran out while he was here, it wouldn’t matter whether we had unprotected sex or not. I am on birth control for other medical reasons that may or may not include cramps so bad I have actually puked in the past before I started this medication. Thirdly, I took growth hormone injections half my life, and who knows how that effects one’s ability to have children. And, really? He was here for two and a half weeks. I can see that’s your idea of permanent. Please note that the next time you pull something like this, the law may be involved, again. If you can’t understand what a no contact order is, maybe you need to be reeducated. I mean it. If Shane doesn’t call the cops, I will.

  2. just
    omg, come on kerri, your just fucking desprete cause all your real friends figured you out for who/what you are & deserted you, after having to put up with all your lies & bullshit, no wonder you turned to someone just like you, Tobi, gosh, how many kids has she had? 4 now, shes lost them all, with only visitation for 2 of them, holy fuck, what a sad sack of people you all are. TG, I moved outta hamilton, so much better than having to put up with your 5th grade antics.


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