>Trekker 3.0 Now Available:

>the following comes fromhumanwareenjoy.Trekker 3.0 Now Available: HumanWare expands the possibilities of GPS guidance for blind people. Longueuil, October 18, 2006 — HumanWare is proud to announce the release of the new version of the GPS orientation system most used by blind people inthe world. Trekker 3.0 boasts an array of new features, including using … Read more


>Hello all,I’m sitting in communications class, bored out of my mind, eating ritz chips. Jordan’s running his mouth about programming. We’ve got a supply teacher in Communications class today.Drama should be interesting.Guess what play we’re doing for Christmas?The grinch, of all plays!Could they not have come up with something, shall we say, a little more … Read more