flyers 4, maple leafs 2.

a game I missed, and just forgot to post until now, whoops! Stats. Wins: 5 losses: 3 shootout wins: 1 shootout losses: 0 points: 11 . Here’s the recap. Jagr scores twice in Flyers’ win over Leafs Tuesday, 10.25.2011 / 12:14 AM PHILADELPHIA — Jaromir Jagr said he wasn’t pressing to score his first NHL … Read more

maple leafs 5, canadians 4.

Hey it’s an overtime win I missed. I’m losing my touch I’m tellin’ you! Wins: 5 losses: 2 shootout wins: 1 shootout losses: 0 points: 11 The recap will tell the story. Leafs top Habs 5-4 on Grabovski’s OT tally Saturday, 10.22.2011 / 11:46 PM MONTREAL — The Toronto Maple Leafs avoided their first losing … Read more

maple leafs 4, jets 3.

Awsome! It’s a shootout win and on a Wednesday even! I’ll take the 2 points, thanks. wins: 4 losses: 1 shootout wins: 1 shootout losses: 0 points: 9 . That was fun. For some reason their was no recap posted for Wednesday’s game on thenhl mobile websiteso their won’t be one here, either. See you … Read more

Avalanche 3, maple leafs 2.

This happened to be an overtime loss, but hey, I’ll take the point, I suppose. Here’s the stats. wins: 3 losses: 1 shootout wins: 0 shootout losses: 0 points: 7 . Here’s the recap. Avs keep rolling with OT win at Toronto Monday, 10.17.2011 / 11:00 PM TORONTO — It has been road sweet road … Read more

maple leafs 3, flames 2.

Hey. It’s the 3rd win in a row for the 15th of october, yay! except for when it was 2 nothing middle of the 1st. We survived though and pulled out another win. wins: 3 losses: 0 shootout wins: 0 shootout losses: 0 points: 6 . Let’s have the recap from that game. Leafs stay … Read more

their's something to be gleaned from this post.

You learn interesting things from blogs. wesput an entry out on histwitterthat pointed tothis entry about anal sexand being a curious individual, I headed back to the blog’shome pageand was scrolling through entries, and ran acrossthis entry about infidelityand was impressed about what I read. I’m going to quote the entry in it’s entirety because … Read more

maple leafs 6, Senators 5.

What a game for a saturday the 8th of october! I got the pleasure of listening to this entire game. Thanks am640. wins: 1 losses: 0 shootout wins: 0 shootout losses: 0 points: 4 Here’s the recap from NHL’s mobile site. Kessel’s hat trick helps Leafs hold off Senators 6-5 Saturday, 10.08.2011 / 10:35 PM … Read more

maple leafs 2, canadians 0.

I missed this game because I fail at remembering things. This was a great game Last night, 10/06/2011 as a season opener. But we did win. wins: 1 losses: 0 shootout wins: 0 Shootout losses: 0 points: 2 . as a service this year, I’ll post the recaps from the nhl mobile site site since … Read more