>parents need to be more careful with there children.

>The following was taken fromcbc newsmy thoughts follow.–begin article– Two toddlers drowned in backyard swimming pools in Quebec in separate incidents on the same night. Police said a three-year-old girl wasn’t wearing a life-jacket when she fell into a pool on Tuesday night in Shawinigan, about 135 kilometres northeastof Montreal. The girl’s 17-year-old brother was … Read more

>shows you how bad our country is getting to be.

>Well, this will show you how nice our country is, read the following article. The following was taken from:cbc newsMy thoughts follow.—–begin article—Judge quashes traffic tickets over missing FrenchLast Updated Fri, 17 Jun 2005 19:09:46 EDT A judge in Winnipeg has tossed out nine traffic tickets because they weren’t completely written in Canada’s two official … Read more

>more exam fun!

>Hello everyone,I am posting this just after completing a math exam.Everything is looking good.I apologize to you all for the time problems, I adjusted some settings, and it made all the time entries go wierdo on me.The reason is that I kept changing the time to eastern time, so when I I adjusted the settings … Read more


>Hello everyone.I am writing this post after just finishing my english exam. It wasn’t a bad exam, from the looks of things, I’ll pass. My next exam is math, this afternoon, another exam that I know I’ll pass.The other exams I have are: Science and history. Well, I’ll post this afternoon after I finish my … Read more

>summer is in the air!

>Yeah, I know, two posts in one week, it’s a little daunting, isn’t it?Ah, who cares.It’s my blog, and I’ll do whatever I want!Well, exams start Next tuesday! Woo! Canoe trip!I’ve been invited to go on the June canoe trip.I am told that it will be a lot of fun. So, I am going on … Read more

>People need to grow up!

>Well this is so stupid!The people at this school are so mean!They are punishing us all for things that some people did. They are giving us study hour times 2. For those who don’t know what study hour times 2is, it’s study hour, doubled!Yes, you read right, they are giving us 2 hours of study … Read more