hey peoples.

Good morning once again peoples
I’ve been having posting fun, as you can probably tell. *grin*
As I write this I’m talking to some crazy, but fun, people on skype, as well as my butiful little, precious girlfriend. I miss her so much, I hate not beeing able to hold her in my arms, and just spend time with her. but lord willing, that will change. As I stated earlier, the money’s not there, rose’s mother said that they would be willing to pay my way up there, but, she was drunk at the time she said it, so until she says that when she’s sober, I won’t believe her. What else to say, I’m really not sure, so I’ll post later on.
God bless all.
Your brother in Christ

2 thoughts on “hey peoples.”

  1. Well that is suh a true post. It is cool. We had alot of fun acting silly, but we have to remember that we must be christians ibn all we do. Let us hope you’ll get to see her soon, before school. Just remember, God will make a way.


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