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Hey all,
I’m just posting another update because it’s like 1:45AM and I’ve got nothing better to do.
Man, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.
It hasn’t been a month, rose and I are, together, adam’s pissed off, but you know what, he can just eat his own crap. It’s his loss, and that’s all there is to it. He’s lost it and he’s never getting it back. He had his chance. and blew it.
Did he ever blow it! But that’s a novel for another entry, hehehehehehe.
The other thing is the religion thing, rose was always telling me about how he would laugh at god, saying that it wasn’t science, blaw blaw blaw.
Then he goes and says that htere are some things that just can’t be explained by science. Ok, fine then, would you not consider god that than? I believe in god, and I’ve believed in him fora very very long time, but I just can’t believe what adams said, even to my face about it, I won’t put it here, because it’s just not somethingI want to post about.
Rose and I are attempting to get things together for us to see each other sometime before school starts, but the money’s just not there, gurhrhrhrhhr!
I guess we just leave it in the lord’s hands, and if we’re really meant to see each other before September, it will happen, but all in the lord’s time, not ours.
I’ve said that so many times to people, they say, why hasn’t god answered my prayers, why hasn’t he done this and that, why does this happen, and I say, things happen, because god has a purpose for everything, I know, some things stink large, but it’s life as they say.
I’ve always wondered why things happen, and I’ve asked god so many times to show me what to do… as I write this, I still have those thoughts, what’s god’s purpose in all of this, even with all the server problems, there’s got to be a reason why things happen, and I always say, god has a hand in everything, and that will never change.
I’ve had some interesting family experiences, I’ve been bitched at for the stupidist things…. I am seriously considering moving out, but there’s one problem, money! The green stuff just aint there, as it were… I get yelled at because I want to stay up, I get yelled at because I supposedly didn’t change the toilet paper roll. Like good god! That’s just dumb if you ask me, if I wasn’t the last person in the bathroom, then, I certainly didn’t use the last of the toilet paper! Then I get yelled at because I want to come back early from my vacation, so I say, ok, fine, we’ll change the time, and come back later, and I get yelled at for that too!
When the family needs financial support, who do they turn to, me! If there’s a computer issue, who gets called, me! What are they going to do if I say screw you all, and just up and leave, eh?
They won’t be able to complain no more, I won’t be the one they turn to for money, or computer support, I will just tell them to shove it up there you no what!
Well ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been typing for 15 minutes non stop, and I think that’s all I have to say for now, I will post another novel later on today.
The comment boards await you!
God bless all, and have a great night.

3 thoughts on “another update!”

  1. Yes, what you are saying is so true. It seems like people want to harp on someof the silliest things. But justknow, that God works all things out for our good. He knows how much we can take. Family can sometimes be a trip, but realise, thatt through it all God will see you through.

  2. dear shane,
    interesting post you put about adam, and how he feels its all about science. Honestly, i do believe in God, with all my heart, and i honestly would fall apart if i didn’t have Him to lean on, do you see where im coming from here? I sure hope so. But still…im looking at your statement and i’m questioning how much you really know God, to say stuff about adam… remember… W.W.J.D…. what would Jesus do…. think about that…. would Jesus complain about what adam’s lost and about what you have now found with anger in His voice…. would Jesus stand by and let nothing happen when really He could be praying for Adam to become saved? I pray for adam every night. I only hope that God will come to him… I think maybe you should do the same… instead of complainging about what you’ve got over him… that is extreemly immature… hate to break it to yah buddy… but its just going against what you said… first you are complaing about him… and how hes so mad at you for having this, who seams like, an amazing girl. Then you go down saying about God and how you believe in Him and all this stuff, its like you’re shoving your foot in your mouth… we are supposed to do everying which is pleasing to God… and its in romans near the end of the book but it says in the sence we live, we live for God. In the sence we die, we die for God… this means are everyting is for God… we need to start living like Him… and not talking about how you are be-littleing adam for what he has lost, or for boasting about what you have gained… it is a sin to boast, unless you are boasting in the Lord… so thats my two cents on the topic… i honestly don’t know you, even though im sure it would be a pleasure to get to know you. anyways… hope it made you think, and if you want to talk about it or something…. e-mail me at [email protected] my doors always open, thanks for your time,
    open booked


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