the US after action report, and other musings.

Yeah, I’m lazy.
Deal with it.
I’ve been back on this side of the boarder, for what, almost a month.
in list format, because I’m just to goddamn lazy, and expanding thoughts undercafinated is not how I roll, oh, and because I can.

  • I returned from the states march 3, 2011.< relatively in tact, sanity not withstanding. Surf the blog in february for the few blog posts pertaining to it.
  • Came back to more ODSP horseshit, that will see the light of day when I’m not lazy and can form a comprehensive blog post on the stupid. short version, hi questionaire that attempted to say
    james and I were married. um, how about, not. That reminds me, I need to sign that, scan it and get it the hell back to the office.
  • More hospital related garbage, we think I’ve got a depression issue, but, that’s right, my health plan won’t cover meds to help me that don’t break my brain. now, where’d that money tree go?
  • I’m attempting to figure out relationship related things, partially due to depression, and partially other shit, that multiple people got the result of spued all over their monitors, thanks
    for dealing with the majority of it. I know it probably made your computers explode, but that’s ok, their’s the money tree, right? um, no. lol.
  • The hockey posts? knowing I haven’t posted a damn one since february 13, the short version, we suck, fuck off, and die, sums up the majority of those games. So, we’ll just forgo the spam that’ll happen if I attempt to catch up, k? sound like a good idea? yeah, that’s what I thought.
  • james mother is still of the opinion I don’t need ibuprofen, as advol is the same, and my specialist really really wants to slap her upside the head with something blunt. as me, and you all, probably know, when my specialist, (or now nearly my full time doctor, but more on that in another entry, maybe.), says bounce, this is what you need, it probably means get it and STFU. their are certain parental figures that need to learn the art of your not my doctor, she is, either help me get what I need or get the goddamn hell outta my way, k?

that, in squished format, is me.
Now, where the hell’s the money tree, and the cafinated beverages.

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