They let me near a camera, and welcome to ottawa, hey, it's civilization!

Yeah, so I’ve been in ottawa for a week. I’ve learned a number of things.

  • James cousin is dangerous when it comes to a camera. And since I’m currently to damn lazy to imbed images, I’ll leave that where it stands and let you wonder. Unless, of course you have me on facebook, then well you’ll know the result, hi, profile picture. Wait I linked those pictures on twitter, shit!
  • Mouthgasming pizza that makes you actually gain weight.
  • Speaking of gaining weight, welcome to back over 100LBS. Holy crap, it’s a miracle.
  • wait a minute, I might not have that weight anymore if I keep this walking thing up, yep, I’m back to walking, and damnit, I’m gonna keep it up. Unless trish gets tired of taking us out, lol.
  • realizing, oh shit, we’re outta food, a few clicks later, you have food next morning. The wonders of online delivery. Yeah it’s lazy. Deal.
  • I’ve probably missed a few things, but hey, you’ll have that.

That lady’s and gents, is my squished update, as I’m lazy, and don’t wanna expand the ideas. I know, krista’s posted more than I have over the past couple weeks, but you’ll have that. With that, I’m outta here.

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