as if I didn't have enough problems already, we add even more to the pile! roar!

Oh yes, good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the stupid.
This is exactly what I wanted to wake up to on a tuesday morning.
As you all know, I’ve been out of work for some time now, and relying on the ontario disability support program to survive, while I find another job.
This is all fine and dandy, until
checks the mail, and runs across, this letter, from my case worker, cathy jennings, of the ontario disability support program.

This letter is about the income support you get from the Ontario Disability Support Program.
Our office has received information that may change the amount of income support that you
receive. We received information that you may be working and not declaring your income. We need to talk to you about this information so that we can make sure that you are getting the correct amount of income support now, and that you received the correct amount in the past.
Please come to the office:
at 77 Mary Street, 3rd Floor, Pembroke, ON on April 4, 2011 at 9:00 am
Please bring the following with you:
• Statements and/or passbooks for all bank accounts for the period of December 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011
If you have difficulty obtaining any of the documents by the date of the meeting, please call the ODSP office.
It is very important that you attend this meeting. If you need to change the time or date, or need to meet in a different place, please call the ODSP office.
You are welcome to bring a friend, a family member, a trustee, an advocate (social worker, case manager) or another person you trust to the meeting with you. If you need an interpreter, please advise the ODSP office in advance so they can help you make the necessary arrangements for the meeting.
If you would like to talk about this meeting, the information we have requested, or your case, please call me at 613-735-1073 Ext. 204.
Kathy Jennings
Case Worker
for the Director of the Ontario Disability Support Program
Legislative Authority
Sections 5, 45, 46 and 59 of the Ontario Disability Support Program Act Sections 12(1), 23 and 54 of the ODSP Regulation (General)

Here’s where I stand up and go, w….t…f?
It’s right here.

We received information that you may be working and not declaring your income.

I’m gonna remind you that the dates their requesting statements for seen here.

Statements and/or passbooks for all bank accounts for the period of December 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011

Oh dear, I *wasn’t* working, I was attempting to uproute myself from the financial ass raping, that’s still occurring to date.
I have a sneaking suspicion who pulled this, and you low life stupid pompus moron, I’ll remind you of one thing, your shit’s one day gonna come back and bite you square in the ass, and believe me I hope I’m their to watch and laugh.
Karma’s a goddamn bitch, and one day…. one day…. you’ll get yours you fucking moron.
This just makes me feell all warm and fuzzy inside.
Um, actually, it doesn’t.
Have fun on the comment boards.
update 8:34AM: I just called my case worker, and the tip came in annonymously, so now I have all the proof I need. it’s time to play hardball, you stupid son of a bitch.
update 9:00AM: a call to ontario works in hamilton has sparked a complete review of that person’s file, yes, karma’s a bitch.

14 thoughts on “as if I didn't have enough problems already, we add even more to the pile! roar!”

  1. Maybe this kind of thinking doesn’t work here, but why not just fix your own shit and get on with life? Why do you need to bring yourself down to the asshole’s level and do what he/she did to you? Why not be the better man? Personally, I’ve always found that the best revenge I can take on a person who’s screwed me is to live well and be happy. That pisses ’em off. They can’t bait me anymore. They can’t bring me down. I’m happy, they’re still pathetic, therefore, I win. There’s a time and a place for hardball, but it’s not all the time and every place. That kind of shit ain’t healthy man. I’m telling you this as somebody who’s known you forever and as somebody who’s been around a bit longer than you have. Once I figured out that the best way to get things going well was to pitch all the fucking drama, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. Plus this has the added benefit of making the times you actually do need to yell at somebody mean more.
    Feel free to tell me to go straight on to hell, that’s fine. But there’s a reason I can’t remember who my enemies are. Hell, I’m not even sure if I have any. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere, but fucked if I know how they’re doing, nor do I care. Let ’em stew in their own shit and leave you out of it.

    • as I’m fond of saying, that’s why this thing exists. The only reason I posted it, was because I’ve got people that actually read this thing, that need to know this stupid moronic ass munchers still out their, and weather it does any good or not, I’m standing up and going, hey you goddamn idiot you shall not get away with the crap that is you, it’s out their, and while I’m at it, you also get eatin by governmental review because I, unlike you, have more friggen facts to back my shit up then you do, and it’s publicized now, and enjoy the backlash from your attempted screwing. Ontario works now has a metric ton of written documentation that gives them enough reason to pull her funding, and I go on about my day. speaking of witch, where the hell is that thing that is UPS.

      • But you’re missing my whole point. why isn’t this person dead to you? Who gives a fuck if that person is out there? I sure wouldn’t. You can have the last word without getting the last word. If they get a rise out of ya, they’re just gonna keep on doing it. If they don’t exist in your world, then to them you’re no fun anymore. That should be the aim. Why go to all the trouble and waste all the energy on douchebags who are just dicking with you for sport or because they’ve not got anything worthwhile of their own going on? You’re a smart guy, I’m sure you can come up with a zillion better things to do with the time than getting even. This pissing contest back and forth is something kids do. You’re better than that, I know it and you know it.

  2. Now, class, let’s review. Shall we? What is a NO CONTACT ORDER? Also, what does HARASSMENT mean? shane has had a no contact order in place against this particular individual since… October 29, 2010. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, please, my caffeine stream’s a little contaminated by blood. Also, feel free to clue me if I’m wrong, what this person is doing is FRAUD. Am I wrong here? She’s not even in personal contact with Shane, yet she’s contacting government agencies and providing them erroneous information. she’s been trying to commit this type of fraud and harassment since January of this year. Is it fair to shane if her bullshit puts him out on the street? No. Should her caseworker in whatever program she’s in know that she’s trying to commit fraud? Shit yes. Why should she continue receiving government funding when she’s trying to, deliberately, put somebody out on the street? Is that fair? She’s going, to wind up, in a jail cell, one day. Or maybe a padded cell, wearing a straightjacket. I don’t really see this as much of a pissing match on Shane’s part. He’s simply fighting for what *he* needs, and dealing with the necessary steps to get the funding that’s needed. Now, on the other person’s part, definitely a pissing match. She’s jealous and pissed off, because she wants him back, to use him for her own sick, sadistic purposes. You don’t USE human beings. Especially not the way she thinks it’s fun to use people. I’m not going to beat any points to death here with the exception of the fact that this person, and my roommate might get along really well. they have matching high school mentalities. More on that, from me, later, if I find time.

  3. Shane when you go to this meeting you may want to let them know about the no contact order and harassment thing. That way if it is sed moron you can be sure she cannot affect you in any way shape or form.

  4. Shane, I’m going to say this only once, YOU ARE A BETTER PERSON THAN HER! Now prove it, you are out of hellhole hamilton, do what i had to do hon, when I left hamilton, WRITE IT OFF! live as though it doesnt exist! I do, i got screwed over for $80K I had to go through bankrupcy, but I’m not working FULLTIME, at a job i LOVE, I WON! hes stuck out in alberta, on a shitty little native reservation living off others, with NOTHING of his own..
    Shane, I love you like a little brother, you know that.


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