a note to wining dream host customers, get you a clue, or 12.

so this blog, among other things, including e-mail, is now hosted on
dream host
and a couple nights ago, their entire network infristructure went down for scheduled maintenance, and this was posted on their

DreamHost Status: Network Maintenance: Friday, January 28th – 22:00 through Saturday, January 29th 02:00 PST http://dhurl.org/1io at 2:49:38 PM on 1/28/2011

so being the individual I am, I immediately visit the post, in the event I’m effected, and in
visiting that post
we see it’s tagged for 9:30PM.
Those of you with half an inkling of a clue about the power of
will know you can future date a post, and it’ll show up as being posted at that date and time.
This is what dreamhost had done in this case.
The influx of fuckin’ winers after this post went up, supposedly 30 minutes before the network maintenance window, was outstandingly dumb!
These people supposedly have technical nowhow?
These people supposedly run websites and businesses?
You wouldn’t know it, reading the comments after that particular post even today over 48 hours after things went to hell and the maintenance went longer than expected.
People, a few things in list format, because I don’t feel like expanding my ideas right now and I’m undercafeinated and food deprived.

  • dream host
    can’t control if things go straight to hell and the network maintenance window needs to be expanded
  • secondly, dream host has better things to do than to bend to your every beck and call and issue you status e-mails when shit’s gonna fall over. this is why their
    status blog
    exist, and ohmygod, the status blog has an rss feed!
  • further to that, you are supposedly technical, and you have time to post comments and wine, follow the rss feed of that status blog, or create a rss feed of their twitter, ok? use that technical knowledge for something else then pissing off dream host. they might shut you down, except not, but the thought was their and needed to be said.

the long and short of this post is this.
You run a website, your supposedly technical, dreamhost has many a way for you to know about this stuff, and their twitters updated hella frequently, so for the love of cheese and bacon, use the resources available to you and quit wining!
I’m done, now.
food calls.
I do like comments, use them.

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