you actually went along with this? You stupid, stupid moron!

Their are times when I ask myself what the hell is up with people in the world.
You actually
put your service dog
in the back of a taxi cab?
Here’s the article, then my own comments will follow.

Service Dog Forced To Ride In Taxi Trunk
Blind Woman Says Driver Gave Her Ultimatum
Marc Stewart, 7News Reporter
POSTED: 8:38 pm MDT June 6, 2011
UPDATED: 2:10 pm MDT June 7, 2011
DENVER — A blind woman says a driver told her she would have to put her guide dog in the trunk of his taxi if she wanted a ride.
Judie Brown says her black lab named Alberto isn’t just a best friend; he’s been her lifeline for the past four years.
“If something happened to him. I would just die,” said Brown.
About a month ago, Brown called a cab.
When she walked out front with Alberto, the driver from Union Taxi initially refused to transport her with Alberto.
“He said, ‘No dog in my cab,’ ” said Brown.
Brown said the driver told her he was allergic to dogs and would only drive her if Alberto went in the back of his cab.
“I asked him, ‘Where in the back?’ And he said, ‘In the trunk,’ ” said Brown.
Late for an appointment, she reluctantly agreed.
“I never hear my dog whine or cry. Ever. Ever. I knew it was terribly wrong,” said Brown.
Colorado law protects guide dogs and their owners, allowing them to ride together in taxis.
“A service dog is an appliance, similar to a wheelchair. Would you deny them a wheelchair?” said animal law expert Jay Swearingen.
A manager with Union Taxi tells 7NEWS the driver has been suspended and fined by the state.
But Judie is scarred and says she’s been afraid to travel with Alberto ever since.
“I’ve lost my independence. And I do not like it. It makes me angry. And I want it back,” said Brown.
The National Guide Dog Association says they get similar calls, three to 10 times per week.

Regardless of weather you were late for an appointment or not, if said taxi cab driver refuses to transport you make said taxi driver get lost, call your appointment tell them you’ll be late, and make alternate arrangements.
Their was no reason for this service animal to be placed in the trunk of a car.
This is as much her fault as the drivers fault.
The driver got suspended, great, but this individual, should lose her service animal, and never be allowed another one.
Comment away.
Let’s see the discussion roll.

1 thought on “you actually went along with this? You stupid, stupid moron!”

  1. I agree with you about how that was handled. She should not only lose her dog guide, but should never be allowed to own an animal. Ever. She should have been issued a little id card, like a state card, that she must photocopy when applying for a service dog, or show when at a pet store or shelter, and then denied after the crime is read out.
    Some people’s children should be volunteered for the shooting out of a cannon stunt… at birth.


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