reverting to this account, and lots of updates.

Hey peoples,
I’m reverting to this account because the old blog isn’t working on my server.
It’s been a wild week, more like a wild month.
There have been some happy times and some not so happy times.
I’ve met a group of christian friends, and I’ve had lots of fun praising the lord, praying, reading the bible, and just having lots of fun.
Some of them have live journal accounts:
the live journal of reverand jeffry miller
It’s great to finally have a group of christian friends that believe in god.
Rose and I have been doing well, so that’s all good.
I spent a week away from the computer, and when I came back I had a lot of e-mails, 22351 to be precise! That’s a lot of e-mail!
What else….. is almost back and working, but there are still some issues to iron out. We’ve got the mailman service working, and pop3 is back and running, yay for that!
We’ve got some issues with fantastico, but at least the actual
is working.
Well, that’s all for now, take care all.
God bless all.
Your brother in Christ.

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