rogers wireless, you need to aquire a clue by 4. visit your nearist wall mart and do so, please.

I’ve been posting a lot today.
here’s the latest.
While at dinner tonight, i decided on a wim, to dial up
telus mobility
and ask a few questions.
mainly, what can you, as acell company do for me if I were a potential customer?
We hashed out those details, then the question of, ok, but what about US texting?
The rep goes, what do you mean?
I go, “well rogers charges for outgoing US texting as they classify it as international.” The rep actually laughed.
Her response, “they do what? last I checked you didn’t cross an ocean to visit the states?” I giggled.
So it turns out, that
needs to get a clue by 4 and quit charging for outgoing US texting, yes? and ditch their rediculous $15 for 500 outgoingUS texts, yes? indeed!
Rogers, invest in a clue by 4, or 9. please? thanks.

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