addendum to previous post about US text messaging and rogers wireless.

this previous post
I stated that you get charged for both incoming and outgoing US text messages.
After this post, I called
and asked some questions.
And here’s what we found.
If you have a text messaging plan, and are within canada, incoming united states are included in your plan, up to and including your messaging limit, depending on your plan.
Outgoing US text messages are still $0.25 per text and not included in any stock messaging plan through rogers, but their packages available, and I list them for you

  • 25 US text messages: $4/month
  • 50 US text messages: $7/month
  • 200 US text messages: $10/month
  • 500 US text messages: $15/month

I’d like to thank stacey at rogers wireless for being a help in getting my information sttraight, so I can bring it to you, my faithful blog readers.
Until next time.

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