rogers wireless, you need to aquire a clue by 4. visit your nearist wall mart and do so, please.

I’ve been posting a lot today.
here’s the latest.
While at dinner tonight, i decided on a wim, to dial up
telus mobility
and ask a few questions.
mainly, what can you, as acell company do for me if I were a potential customer?
We hashed out those details, then the question of, ok, but what about US texting?
The rep goes, what do you mean?
I go, “well rogers charges for outgoing US texting as they classify it as international.” The rep actually laughed.
Her response, “they do what? last I checked you didn’t cross an ocean to visit the states?” I giggled.
So it turns out, that
needs to get a clue by 4 and quit charging for outgoing US texting, yes? and ditch their rediculous $15 for 500 outgoingUS texts, yes? indeed!
Rogers, invest in a clue by 4, or 9. please? thanks.

1 thought on “rogers wireless, you need to aquire a clue by 4. visit your nearist wall mart and do so, please.”

  1. I actually found out recently that Cudo, a subdivision of telus, includes every single country in their texting plan. Telus is just Canada and US, and has packages for international texts. But one representative who, honestly, really knew what she was talking about, seemed to think an international text plan was in the works. Considering they’re essentially the same company I’d tend to believe them. I’m not too worried, since I really have no one outside of Canada / US, but it’s nice to know such things exist if necessary.
    I think it’s funny that Rogers, who always claims to be the king of phone companies, can’t even do US texting. It’s something every company should have, in my opinion.


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