reasons why you don't trust rogers when it comes to router/modem combinations.

so… since my arrival here, I’ve been dealing with rogers. in one form or another,, from installers that just fail to tech support people that need to learn how to do their job, to hey, I get free internet because of idiots. Ok, so the main point of this entry. that thing that calls itself a modem/router gateway. Our primary router decided the other day to do a great impression of a corpse, forcing us to revert to using the gateway portion of the rogers SMC d3gn modem/router gateway they gave us, because their regular modem can’t handle the speeds we’re supposedly geting. Great, fine, dandy. Until the router portion of said device decides.

I’m gonna let you on the net, but fuck letting you do anything internally that might save you bandwidth.

so we beat it around for a few hours, swearing ensues. I get it in my head, hey, guess who’s responsible for this hunk of shit? You guessed it, my service provider. Ok, let’s dial them up and play fix my shit. We run into one minor problem if your the average customer, major if your me. Rogers *claims* it’s not their responsibility if the stuff in *their* modem/router gateway decide to fail. Their response?

If it connects to the net, we can’t help you, it’s not our responsibility.

You can imagine how well that went over. It didn’t. I then ask to speak to a manager. His favorite line?

Their isn’t one at night.

My response?

You report to *someone*. I will speak to that individual, .

They didn’t like that, so after arguing with this insensative morron for another 5 minutes attempting to make this individual actually understand, rogers provides the equipment, they *must* support it, both internally and externally, I hang up. Redial the office when the customer retention deps open, get someone with a clue who finally gets it in their head and realizes, hey, his equipment might be shot. Their’s nothing I can do about it right now, so their’s a standing note on my account so I can go in and replace this hunk of useless garbage first chance I get. On another note, when the person we’re talking to that has clue indicates these modem/router combinations suck? there’s really something wrong. Morral of the story. Get a modem/router from rogers? Have your own equipment and disable their commercial gateway and go about your day.

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