general update.

Hello Everyone!
some interesting things have happened around here.
We had a hell of a storm earlier, good lord, i thought I was going to die!
I didn’t die, I don’t think. LOL.
Site changes.
My site now has a new board.
We replaced the shitty PHPNuke with a much better board called phpbb.
if u want to see it in action why not:
click here to visit the board on my website!
Internet stuff.
Can u believe this one, it’s the weekend and we’re usually put through Toronto, but when I reconnected the internet, we were going through Kitchener! Wo, I almost fell off my Chair!
Well that’s all for now.
Have a nice day.
do you have personal comments that u want me to read but don’t want the public to see? well why not just:
click here to send those comments to me right now!

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