general update and stuff!

Hello Everyone!
Yeah, I know, a long time it has been, but girlfriends sometimes get in the way, lol.
Girlfriend u ask, well, read my previous entry to find out more!
U know what sucked royally, we haven’t had power from last night till today at around 4 PM EDT.
Internet still weird.
Download speeds have ben from between 65KBPS off of a server in california to about 200KBPS off a server in kentucky, uploads, well let’s just say that they are really bad!
are we Still going through toronto, wel amazingly, no! Yeah, i know what your thinking, they fixed there problems, but knowing bell’s stupidity, we’re be going back through Toronto in no time.
I did a trace on a toronto IP once, and can u believe this, it goes through the states before getting to toronto! That’s sooo gay!
Final stuff.
just so everyone knows, from Friday July 16 to Sunday 18 2004 I wil not be here.
have a nice day.
shane lush

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