follow up to: cab driver fails to pick up blind guy. seriously?

as posted
a cab driver was under investigation.
The results?
He only
lost a days wages
and keeps his job.
The article follows, in it’s entirety with my comments following.

A Capital Taxi driver has been disciplined for refusing service to a blind man Tuesday evening.
“He’s already had his disciplinary action – he’s lost an entire day of wages because he’s been (at the investigation),” said Coventry Connections president Hanif Patni Wednesday.
Coventry Connections owns Capital Taxi.
David Labrecque, a computer technician from Orleans, who has been blind for 12 years, wanted a taxi ride home Tuesday afternoon with his wife and son.
Labrecque said when the driver saw his cane and sunglasses he said he “doesn’t pick up disabled people.”
“I’m quite upset about it, I really am,” he said. “That stuff shouldn’t happen.”
Patni said drivers are made aware of the laws related to people with disabilities.
“We will treat anybody with any form of disability in the same way as we treat anyone who is able-bodied,” said Patni.
“We are going to make sure that this driver knows just how much he’s compromised our entire reputation.”
The disciplinary process depends on the driver’s record.
A driver with a clean record gets a written warning while a “much stronger” approach is taken with an abusive one.
“We know the driver very well, he has a very clean record, he has performed without any issue at all with us in the past,” said Patni.
The company informed the driver what is expected of him, he agreed to it, “and we move on,” Patni said.
“It’s a significant number of people that we move — you’re bound to get situations where you get a driver who has lost it and doesn’t realize that he is to follow the rules,” said Patni.

So in other words, this jerk off gets a slap on the wrist and keeps his job.
My research indicates that this isn’t the 1st complaint against this particular driver.
But no, they only count the disabled person.
If I was the owner of that cab company, this moron would be out of a job, real fast.
Capital, you have officially lost my business, and probably the business of a lot of other people, even if your owned by a different company, I won’t be traveling with them.
Coventry connections, you need to really think about your actions and their impact on your business.

2 thoughts on “follow up to: cab driver fails to pick up blind guy. seriously?”

  1. Never used capital and never will. I always stick with Westway 613-727-0101.
    The underground ones are alright as well if they’re opperating at the time a person requires a ride.

  2. I’d certainly have fired his ass, or at least suspended it for as long as legally allowed. That’s not a mistake a reasonable person would make. It’s discrimination, simple as that. There’s no defending those actions.


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