an open letter to wind mobile, gets sent for a second time. this time, from me, the actual customer.

I’ve previously linked to the original
post that contains the letter
regarding this issue in multiple other places on this blog.
Take note that this post is dated october 10, 2010.
As of October 29, 2010, I called
wind mobile
regarding their not being a response to the original letter.
They provide me a ticket ID saying, oh we’ll look into it, fine, whatever.
I give them 48 hours, still nothing, so I call them back, the same run around, oh we’re looking into it.
So I finally get testy, and ring them up while I’m in the states, today.
I spent 20 minutes on the phone, most of it on hold, (not surprising.) and finally get put through to the back office, and speak to a manager their, who informs me that well your letter probably got ignored since james is not a customer.
I basically tell her outfront that because of this, even if you guys get out to petawawa neither of us will be returning as either knew or returning customers because of this incident.
I give you the resend in it’s entirety, minus the e-mail address I wrote to per the instructions of the manager at wind mobile.

From: Shane Davidson [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 7:50 PM
Subject: a resend of the letter re: Wind Mobile’s fair usage policy, and accessibility concerns.
Importance: High
To whom this may concern,
I am contacting you at the instruction of kaieasha in your escalations/back office.
As you’ll see below, in a colaberative efort, myself and james, sent ken campbell, the CEO, the following letter on october 10th, 2010, and it is posted to
as an open communication, and referenced in multiple locations on my blog at
and this version will also herein be posted to my blog, and probably be referenced in james blog as well.
This to keep the lines of communication open, between you, and me, as the customer, and to attempt to show the public, that yes I am communicating with wind mobile, and when you write back, this will also be added to my blog linked above, as your answer to this letter.
I would like to make you aware that because of my pending move, I will have no choice but to move away from you as a company, but in light of it being over a month since this was initially sent and finally getting someone that cared enough to put me in touch with you, I may or may not return if you ever get out to the petawawa area.
This all depends on your communication with me, from hereon out.
Please remember all communications regarding this matter are either posted or linked to on
With that said, here is the letter that still to this date has not received an answer.
Shane Davidson
From: James Homuth [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: October 10, 2010 5:19 PM
To: ‘[email protected]
Subject: Re: Wind Mobile’s fair usage policy, and accessibility concerns.
Mr. Campbell,
I’d like to draw your attention to a policy of a somewhat questionable nature. That policy, being your “fair usage” policy, grants Wind Mobile the authority to intentionally drop calls without warning after approximately the 2 hour mark. As a potential customer who has at one time considered switching to Wind Mobile, this policy has served only to confirm that, in the event I am in need of a change of carrier, Wind Mobile will not be on my list of potential alternatives.
In the first, at present you are the only company who currently disconnects customers, with or without warning, for perceived reasons of fair usage. Given how little network resources are actually consumed by a typical call over a typical cellular network, the reasoning behind this policy fails to be anything more than a perception–and, at the moment, not one that has been viewed favourably. In the second, as this restriction also affects users on your unlimitted packages, I believe advertising those unlimitted packages in light of such a restriction is misleading at best, and extremely dishonest at worst. And in the third, you are aware of customers’ genuine disapproval re: the dropping of calls by the major networks, who claim those calls are being dropped accidentally. To then announce in a “fair usage” policy that you will be intentionally dropping those calls indicates to me, as a potential customer of wind Mobile, that you are either ignorant of that fact, or simply unconcerned. In either event, this policy flies in the face of what I believe to be Wind Mobile’s intentions are re: differing themselves from the major carriers. We don’t need a carrier intentionally doing precisely what the major carriers regularly receive criticism for. We particularly don’t need it from a carrier who spent most of its pre-launch marketting time advertising itself as not like the major carriers. I would strongly encourage you to reconsider and correct what I see as a policy malfunction, as I am aware of a growing number of your current customers who, in light of this, are presently reconsidering their decision to remain with Wind Mobile.
My second concern is re: accessibility of information available on your website. Currently, both your terms and conditions and your “fair usage” policy are available only as PDF’s from Wind Mobile’s website. From an accessibility viewpoint, that is simply unacceptable. It is no guarantee that those without disabilities will be able to open and view PDF files, thus rendering them unable to access the afore mentioned documents. It is even less likely that, in the event the system in use is able to open and display the PDF files, a disabled person will even be able to read them. Which, again, virtually guarantees they will not be able to access the documents in question. You are encouraged, strongly, to consider converting the PDF documents to a more readable format, such as HTML, or have an HTML document available–and easily obtainable–in the alternative. Failure to provide this accomodation may leave you in violation of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, among other regulations.
Wind Mobile’s available offerings, these limitations notwithstanding, stand head and shoulders above Rogers, Bell and Telus–all of whom I have previously had dealings with. The removal of the restrictions outlined in this communication will, in effect, also remove the last of the major concerns I have re: possibly switching from my current carrier to Wind Mobile. I sincerely hope you will take this under advisement, and I will be available for further questions/comments on the issues addressed in this letter. Please also be advised that, due to the significance of the issues raised, this will be an open communication, viewable publicly at I will continue to address these issues on this website until such time as they are resolved. I look forward to further conversation with you on how best to resolve the issues in question.
James Homuth

Let’s see what that does, this time, coming from me, as an actual customer, yes?
We’ll find out in the coming days.

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