an early upgrade, a service provider change, all over stupidity., thanks, rogers.

so thursday, I got paid.
Nifty, fantastic, wonderful.
Until my attempt to pay my
wireless bill.
I now have this nifty thing that’s a debit/credit card all rolled into one.
Yeah US readers, you’ve had them for freakin’ ever, I get it.
Anyhow, so I decide, on a wim, what the hell, let’s use the credit card portion of this thing, pay this stupid bill, and go about my erands for the day, that included, in no particular order, and the fact that some of these didn’t get done not withstanding.

  • ram my foot up someone’s ass for driving like a fucking moron, totalling their car, and then wining to me because they decided to drive drunk. Thanks for that by the way, next time, don’t drive home drunk, k?
  • attempt the thing that involves picking up groceries, please note this counts on
    mother giving more than 30 seconds notice when dropping by. We thank you for that, to.
  • Pay the rest of the outstanding bills, and curse at primus who’s automated system was down for maintenance.
  • find some form of sleep in their somewhere.

most of those got accomplished, in one form or another.
Back to the original topic here.
So I decide to pay the rogers bill. It initially goes through, then *there* system decides it’d be nifty to take a flying leap off a cliff and tell me my cards declined.
Leaving me in the middle of financial holy shitsville.
A couple phone calls later, determines that, no my cards fine, the funds were requested, then rejected.
Ok, back to square one.
Attempt it again, thinking maybe the system wants to play nice. Nope, not happening.
So I get a person on the phone, and basically tell them, here’s the situation, here’s what I did, your systems broke, I paid you, get your shit in order and fix it, or my business is gone.
Himmed and hawed with this frontline moron for 20 minutes, finally get tired of the crap, ram them through to james as I had other things to do and james is the account holder, and he goes a round or 2 with these twerps.
Accomplishes nothing, bounces to level 1 management. You guessed it, gets told we can’t help you even if it is our problem.
Requests next level, gets told, it’ll take 24 hours, his response? I’ll have a call by 11AM, or by 11:15AM you won’t have this account.
To make a long story short, my, james, our numbers, and our business will be as of somepoint today, no longer be with rogers.
We switch to the
apple iphone
telus mobility
so long, rogers.
related: I get to save money in the process, that’s nifty.
related number 2: I’m gonna attempt to break the poor store repts brain later today and have him turn voice over on for me. Yes, their *will* be audio, in the event amusement happens.
That’s it from here.

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