it’s another party, this time with a first time guest! July 29, 2011!

That’s rightt!
along with a 1st time guest to one of these very infrequent parties
blind bandit
Rocked it for nearly 6 hours. music, conversation, a little alcohol, sans anyone chugging it, for a change, even a broken glass, when I decided the AC needed to be turned on and I decided to be lazy and not go the long way, but anyhow a great show was put on.
A few notes.

  • Things said on this show, are the responsibility of the person or persons saying it, and not the opinion of the group as a whole.
  • This show does contain adult subject matter, and things get a little rowdy, be for warned.
  • Instant requests made by listeners and comments and dedications made by listeners are the responsibility of the listeners, no matter who their directed at, and if you have a particular problem with a request/dedication made? Take it up with the requesting party, and not those of us running the show.

With that said?
download the ensanity, if you dare!

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