next time, buy another case.

So we add this to the stupid.
Two adults, decided that using
their fists
instead of their brains would be how they decided who got the last beer in the case.

Police in Victoria, B.C., were called to break up a fight between a man and his nephew over the last beer in a case.
Police said the two men became embroiled in a dispute on Saturday around 5 p.m.
“This ‘less filling’ versus ‘tastes great’ argument escalated to the point of a fist fight,” police said on their operations blog.
By the time police arrived, the uncle had left the apartment. Neither man was injured.
“The report did not indicate who actually got the coveted beer at the bed of this ‘brew’ haha,” police said.

It would have made more sense just to get another case from the store, but whoever said logic was how people rolled, right?

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