the 1st clue wasn't enough? have another.

a reminder to individuals that are made of stupid,.
This is my blog, my opinions, and is also open to the opinions of others, please, to be not wasting my time with your wining.
secondly? Your gonna sue me for defimation of character? you don’t make enough money to feed yourself, so once again, please, try again.
thirdly? your gonna come down here? really? how far you think your gonna get? that’s right, nowhere! why? see previous paragraph.
Please stop wasting my time and remember, your required to be looking for work while on ontario works, why aren’t you?
oh, and this crutch that your *disability* prevents you?
What your disabbility of stupidity?
Your supposed problems, if managed properly and using the meds to *help* you, are not a disability, please. try again.
thanks for playing.
related: thanks for playing, welcome to voicemail being left for a certain worker regarding things. play hardball? eat the consiquences, bitch.
related #2: UPS was supposed to show up today as well, they haven’t showed either. fail, number…. 4 of the day. I’m going back to bed, now.
related #3: hey krista? please do be remembering one thing, if I didn’t care I wouldn’t stick around. k?

6 thoughts on “the 1st clue wasn't enough? have another.”

  1. It looks like today and tomorrow have turned into days for issuing clues to the terminally stupid. First of all, you common lowlife gutter slut, me? Abuse shane? I think not. I would never hurt him, and in turn, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. You’re just pissed because his real friends helped him get away from you. You were the one abusing him, and your only interest is in lying and covering your ass to make yourself look like the victim, as usual. You knew he had a history of abuse, and yet you chose to do what you did. Further, you continually try to destroy shane’s and my relationship just because you’re nothing but a jealous, spoiled brat. Go the fuck back to high school with that bullshit. You’re not 14 anymore. Stop acting it. And like Shane said previously, using your disability as a crutch isn’t going to work with me. Shane’s coming all the way back out to Massachusetts, hardly able to walk somedays. I have access to a wheelchair he can use as needed. So the whine cry I can’t work because I’m disabled? Nah. Take that to someone who can fix your brain. I’m not qualified. Oh, and for the record, I’m not using Shane to get away from my parents. Is that the goal, eventually? Yes. We want me out of here. But I would never use anyone to get what I wanted, unlike you. Are you capable of logic? Because if you were, wouldn’t you think if the goal was to use someone to get away from my parents, I’d pick someone on the right side of the border so I’d get out quicker? And as for Shane using James for his credit card? Not so much. Any time James puts something on his credit card for shane, the money is returned immediately. The trip here was booked a little earlier than expected because James realized shane and I both needed it. And no, I’m *not* using shane to pay my way financially. if I recall correctly, he owed me a couple ass savings from when he was stuck in Hamilton with no food because of that vaguely humanoid turd known as Chris. So yeah. He does pull the occasional, “Here, ATAndT, throw this at her prepaid phone so I can ensure she has a phone in the middle of a really shitty place to live.” I’ve never once asked him for anything. (Except during that sociology project when blank stare, poke, meant, “caffeine. Now. Go”) Also, the last time he added money to my phone, he then texted me and said, “You’re gonna kill me. Go access the ATAndT systems.” No, I did not kill him. Why would I, if he’s only trying to help? You, little home wrecker, need to get your own life straightened out before you so much as dare criticize anyone else’s. A no contact order still doesn’t give you the fucking hint to leave shane alone? Yeah. Real mature. Again. Take it back to high school, we don’t need your bullshit here.

    • Three things, list format, you know the drill.

      1. *This* is why I have absolutely nothing but the utmost respect for both Krista *and* Shane. You should give that a try.
      2. You were told to fuck off. Personally, politely, and later, legally. Kindly, *fuck* off. The insane asylums don’t want you, and neither do we.
      3. Last, but certainly not least, if you’re too disabled to work, you’re too disabled to run across the border with your kid. Kindly go lock yourself in a closet.
  2. First of all, OK, so it’s out now. You know, that polly amorous relationship between myself, Shane, James, and Krista. Shane has Krista and myself, and I have Shane and James. And you know what? The sex has never been so good. James, Shane, and I sometimes have had threesomes. And guess what, I’m actually willing to suck his dick and swallow. Also, I know how to keep myself clean, so he goes down on me frequently. I tried to keep all this private, but since you’re psychic and have a good eye for these things, I figured I’d better bring it out just for you.
    Also, this so-called depression and ADHD? Not a disability. If you’re too disabled to work, then you should have been too disabled to make and have that kid. No wonder that kid was taken from you. You’re one of those funky creatures that should never have been allowed to breed.

  3. All these niblets of information are reminding me of someone, I just can’t place her But if she’s making trouble for you guys that’s just childish and immature. And I don’t want to hear about depression and ADHD being so disabling that you can’t work. That’s a big huge pile of raptor shit. Sounds to me like this individual’s just interested in collecting a check, and those are the kinds of people I hate. Good luck, James, Krista and Shane and Jesica.

    • it’s called utter stupidity.
      If you haven’t done so, see
      this post
      for another set of clues, that frankly, weren’t necessary, but sparked the first comment to this post.

  4. wow, i actually know the exact person your all talking about, yeah useless sack of slutty douchbag is what she is, if you can call it a she, shes so desprete she got a married mans name tattooed on her arm, btw, glad to see she lost her child, that poor child was tramatized enough by her choosing sex & men over actually trying to be a parent.
    ADHD & depression is not a reason to not work, so please stop your fake ass whining, theres a reason your on welfare, your a lazy ass piece of shit.
    btw, I’m legally blind, severe arthitis, severe depression, PTSD, & I need both a support cane & a white cane to get around, for long distance, I use a walker, & I WORK FULL TIME!!!
    so take your lame whining somewhere else, & leave Shane & Krista alone you fucking slut!


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