What a night!

This is probably going to be the longest entry in my live journal history. Enjoy!
What a night!
Good morning.
Ladies and gentlemen, what a night I had last night! You see, it all started sometime in August, actually it was like 12:30 in the morning, when an instant message from rose popped up, asking to talk to me. The first thing that went through my mind was uh oh, what did I do now! It turned out that I didn’t do anything wrong, but she just wanted to talk. She started asking strange questions such as what I liked to eat, what restaurants I liked to go to, what gifts I liked to receive, stuff like that. I’m sitting theer going, what in god’s name is going on here, there’s got to be something going on here, and nobodies telling me anything! So I started snooping around, asking the people I knew, nobody had any idea, I asked dan, faith’s boyfriend, and it turned out that Faith had been asking just about the same questions of him that Rose had been asking of me that night. So it turned out that the both of them were scheming something, and us boys, as usual, *grin*, were left in the dark. You can bet I tried, and tried my hardest to get Rose to tell me what the heck she was up to, but I finally gave up, because I knew I wasn’t going to get her to tell me anything, nothing at all about what she was scheming. Dan wasn’t that easily stopped, he kept trying, even after I told him to just leave it alone, that it was no use, we weren’t going to get anything out of our girls, not a thing. Then last Saturday, that beeing September 9, Rose calls me up and brings faith into the conversation, and here’s what happened.
I was first asked what I was doing this Wednesday, and me being in the house, I honestly said I had no clue, but if she needed some time, I could make it happen, without question. She said it didn’t matter, she wanted me Wednesday, no matter what. Now I was getting a little scared, and nervous. I asked what was wrong, and I was told nothing was wrong. Then I was asked if I had anything nice to wear, nothing extremely formal, no suit and tie, just something nice to wear. I said I did but I’d have to do laundry. I was told to do it, and make sure I had the outfit with me this week. The final thing I was told was that no money was required. I asked, ok, this is all fine and dandy, but we’ve got one problem, the staff in the house are going to ask where I am going, how I am getting there, ETC. I was told that I didn’t have to worry, that it would all be taken care of.
Then Tuesday, that being September 12, I was told that I had to be ready for 4:30PM the following day.
OK, so now I know what time, but still nothing else. Great!
Let’s move to Yesterday, that being Wednesday, September 13.
Ok, so Wednesday arrives, and I’m still in the dark, and everyone , but me and Dan, knows what’s going on! So after school, I hightail my rear end back to the house, nervous as can be, I hade a load of laundry to start, I still had to shave and shower, and not even 45 minutes to do it all in! Great! I got the laundry going, with a little help from Ms. Rutin, because of my time restrictions, then I hightailed my rear end down the hall, and took the fastest shower ever known to man! After showering, I started shaving, and was right in the middle of shaving, when I realized, to my annoyance, that I had left my backpack, in my locker! oopsies!
So, I put down my shaver, and after muttering a few choice words, with only like 15 minutes until rose was scheduled to pick me up, I literally flew down the hall, grabbed my shoes, cane, and ran, yes, outright ran, all the way to the school, out of breath, grabbed my bag, and ran like someone with his pants on fire, back to the house. Now, before I continue, let’s say, running with a cane, is a royal pain, but it can be done, and I did it! Without crashing once!
Anyhow, back at the house, I hollered for Ms. Rutin, because my laundry load was done, and I didn’t have time to both finish shaving, complete dressing, and change my laundry load, with like 10 minutes to go!
Ms. Rutin was nice, and gave me a hand, by changing my load for me, bless her heart, and I completed shaving and started to dress, but then I realized, again to my utter annoyance, me still being in the bathroom after shaving, and being half dressed, that I had forgotten to bring clean socks into the bathroom! Being in my underwear, I cracked the door open, and hollered for herve, he comes running, and I ask him to get me a clean pair of socks from my dresser, he gives me them, I finish dressing, and as I am putting things away, “nock nock nock” goes the front door!
I finish putting things away, and run, down the hall, and elbow the button to open the door, and I’m putting on my shoes, and grabbing my cane, and then turn and holler, I’m leaving, and then I leave.
Faith and Dan and Rose are standing outside, and Faith asks me for the use of my phone, so I let her, and at there request, I take Dan away so she could call the transportation.
Let’s skip the transportation ride there, because it was boring as rides get.
So we arrive at our destination, and the cab driver goes, here we are, at the army barracks!
I have to laugh, we get out, and we walk towards the door, and head inside.
Now, at this time I have figured out where we are. we had arrived, at, Red Lobster! Yeah, you heard me right, you didn’t read that wrong, I did say red Lobster! I hadn’t been there in ages, but I wasn’t expecting to actually get to go! We took our places, and got our drinks, me drinking ice tea, and the rest of them drinking good ol’ coke. They didn’t have Braille menus, so the waitress, who’s name was Julie, was kind enough to read the menu for us. I had a tossup between the popcorn shrimp meal, and the fish and chip meal. Well, I finally decided on the popcorn shrimp meal. It arrived, and my oh my, does this place ever know how to dish out the food! The plate was huge! But I ate it all! All of it!
That wasn’t the end of it, you see, I like cheesecake, oh do I ever! I really wasn’t paying attention, I was looking the other way, not really paying attention to what rose faith and the waitress were talking about, I turn back, and I found a plate sitting there, so I explore it, because that’s what us blind people do, we explore plates to find out what’s on them!
can you guess what was on said plate? Can you? Can you? Can you? I asked, can you? Ok, enough teasing, there was this huge, really, huge, slice of cheesecake sitting there! It was a triangle, and it was like half the size of the plate! I ate the whole thing! call me a pig, but I was told to indulge myself, so that’s what I did, and to bad for you!
Now, who paid the bill, you ask, if I didn’t bring money with me?
Well, rose paid for it, mine and hers! I love that girl to pieces, and I’d do anything for her, I’d die for her if it were going to save her life, and she knows it, but I wasn’t expecting that! I know she cares, and I guess I shouldn’t complain, I’ve done a lot for her over the past year and a half, I’ve been there when she’s needed someone to talk to, I’ve been the shoulder when she’s needed a shoulder to cry on, I’ve been the one to pick her up when she falls, I could go on and on for hours. It brings tears to my eyes to know that someone actually cares enough to do what she did for me, without question, with know care about money, she did it because she cares, and I know that, but it’s just hard to realize that I’ve finally found someone that actually
cares about me, and excepts me for who I am, and doesn’t leave because I screw up, doesn’t criticize me for the little things, and when something’s wrong, she’s always there, she picks me up when I fall, she’s the person I go to when I’m not feeling good, she’s the shoulder I cry on when I’m upset, and the one I call when I just need to talk. She’s always there, no matter what, not asking for a thing in return. There aren’t words to describe the gratitude and the love and affection I feel for rose. I know she’s there, and she knows I’m there, and we’re always there for each other. In all the other relationships I’ve been in it’s always been me, me, me, me! I’m the one there, and when I needed someone to go to, the other person was never there! That’s not the case now, and I’ve always asked myself, and still do, where was rose all those years ago when I really needed someone? I really can’t find words to thank her enough for what she’s done in the past, for what she did for me last night, and what she will continue to do for me. She doesn’t ask questions, when I need to talk, she always makes the time, she doesn’t make excuses, oh I’ve got other things to do, if she has the time, and I need to talk, she’s there for me. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I love that girl, more than words can describe, and nothing, will, ever, change, that! If I have my way, the only thing that will part us will be the day I die. Everyone says, why do you bother with her, she’s not worth it. Let me tell you one thing, she’s done more for me than anyone ever has and will ever do. I’ve asked god to guide me in the right direction, and god has answered my prayers and brought rose and me together, and has kept us going. He may not have done it right away, but he did answer my prayers, and I thank god for that. Without rose, I really don’t know where I’d be at this point, I really don’t.
I thank you all for reading, and have a wonderful, blessed, Geezus filled day, and with you I am praying.
Talk to you all soon.

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