hey all,
Just a quick update, I know I wrote in this thing earlier, but thought I’d write in it again.
This heat wave we’ve been under for the past couple of days has finally subsided,, thank the good lord for that. My computer was really hating that heat, it was crashing, slowing down, and the internal temperature was through the roof! I think it hit at least 75 degrees celceus this past Tuesday, and that’s not good at all.
If memory serves, Tuesday was the hottist day of the week, topping out, with the humidex and all that at 46 degrees celceus outside. That was hot!
In other news, rose and I are doing well, we can’t wait for September when we can see each other again. We’re still seeing if we can se each other before that, but it’s not looking that likely at this point.
Due to the heat, the DSL modem she has has crapped out, and it’ll be at least Wednesday before she gets a new one. Stupid DSL providers, they should ship it overnight.
Stupid providers, but I guess that’s life.
The cell will be used a lot until she gets the new modem, heheehehehehe.
Nothing else newsworthy at this point, so we’ll post later on.
god bles.
shane, out!

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