This day can go fornicate its metaphorical matriarchal unit.

A quicky because I’m trying to figure out what to do about the last item on the list, because apparently somebody thought I needed yet more crap to add to the disaster that my existence is currently behaving like. And no, we’re not actually making an html list out of it this evening because I’d have to look up how to do it and my goal is not to make it look pretty, it’s to write.
1. Commuting? If you have a 9:30 class? Isn’t how it rocks. Unless you’re lucky and you live, oh, down the street. I realize where I’m going’s the middle of nowhere, but MBTA, do you really need to make it that hard to get to?
2. Also related Trying to get back here was less than amusing. If we tell you we’re stopping at Porter Square, that doesn’t mean we wanna go to North Station. Also, if your automated announcements are broken, use your big mouth.
3. All I’m gonna say about item 3 which technically should’ve been item 2 if we’re doing the chronological thing which we’re not, and only I’ll know what I’m referring to… Is WTF.
4. Oy. You. Yeah. You. Out there. 4.0. You know who I’m talking to. I’m living. I’m breathing. I wasn’t actually mugged Friday night like I thought I was gonna be. Now, you either think I belong in a group home, or you think I’m an adult. If you think I’m an adult, then act like one yourself.
5. Editing ftw kids. Oh, wait, someone already took care of that for me. Thanks. Yeah. that’s just what’s needed. Because I trusted you not to put me in a position wherein I could become perma homeless and you broke that trust. Well, you know something? fuck you.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go try and figure out how the hell to stop the universe so I can get off. No, not like that, you pervs. I know at least one of you was thinkin’ it. Drinking sounds like a good idea, now let’s go see how much I can handle before I’m hospitalized or dead. I’d prefer the later.

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